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LED Strip Lights Are Being Used All Over Australia

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights have so many uses that they are starting to appear in places all over Australia. You can use LED strip lights 12v or 24v power levels and  they can come in single color or multi-color strips, depending on what use you want to put them to.

LED strip lights in Melbourne are providing lighting solutions for display cases, under cabinet lighting, lining bars and a wide variety of accent lighting.  What makes LED Strip Lights so easy to use is that you can get very long strips of lights and are able to cut them to the sizes that you need. They can be wired into tablet RGB controllers or smartphone controllers and DMX decoders as well as various sizes and color changing RGB controllers so you have a number of ways that you can create different changing lighting schemes.

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Some LED strip lights in Sydney can be seen used in channel lettering, edge-lit signs and canopy illumination on store front canopies. You can find LED Strip Lights in various lengths with single or varied color combinations and you can even get them in waterproof versions to make them safe when used outdoors.

By using simple "Plug and Play" connection kits of LED strip lights are showing professional results even when installed by non-professional lighting personnel. After selecting the color strips that you want to use, cutting them to the desired lengths and plugging them in to a controller, you can easily design lighting displays that will attract the attention of potential customers that are walking or driving by your place of business. Very often when potential customers see these great displays of LED Strip Lights, they just have to see what is available in the shops that owners have spent so much time and effort creating such displays.

Ever since the first LED Strip Lights came out, movie theatres as well as playhouses have used them to line the walkways and stairs that customers use so that they can find seating without having to wait for intermission when the overhead lights are turned on.

The less than bright lighting of early LED lights made them ideal for use in a variety of electronic devices, but in the last 20 years technology has improved to the point that LED Strip Lights can be so bright that many people put them on dimmer switches so they can have better control of just how much light they want. Being able to vary the energy being sent to LED Strip Lights led to controllers being developed so that patterns of lighting could be designed and this is how so many uses for LED strip lights Australia has developed to the heights they have today.

It has been said that duct tape has a thousand and one  uses. Today the same thing is being said about LED Strip Lights. What ever you can dream up can be made to happen. Waterproof LED Strip Lights are even being used to provide night time lighting in swimming pools. Just imagine what you can come up with to put these great LED Strip Lights to use. Save your money and planet by using LED lighting. Glow Worm Globes can deliver the LED products all over Australia. Call us today!

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