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LED Floodlights – The Wise Choice for Outdoor Lighting

LED Floodlights

Floodlights have other practical uses besides being used in sporting events and concerts, like if you own an event planning company and you need something to light up the night sky for parties. You can use conventional floodlights that use halogen bulbs, or you can go with LED floodlights that are a lot better. If you do not think that you could make do with traditional halogen lamps, then this article may just make you change your mind in a hurry. You will be learning more about the advantages that LEDs have over traditional lighting systems, and just maybe after reading this you will change your opinion about them.

LED Lights are More Efficient

Halogen lamps that are used in traditional floodlights are not the most efficient bulbs available. Not only do they consume a lot of electricity, and most of that (around 80 to 90 percent) is used to produce heat, which is just a huge waste of energy; because they produce so much heat, halogen lamps are actually used in some space heaters. LED floodlights on the other hand can produce the same amount of light using only a fraction of the energy required to fire up a halogen lamp. LED lights are so efficient in producing light that less than 10 percent of the energy is lost as heat; this miniscule power consumption means that you can leave the lights on all night and it will not impact the electric bill all that much.

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LEDs Last Longer, A Whole Lot Longer

Halogen lamps may not be as fast to burn out as incandescent bulbs, but they are not that much of an improvement. So when you use the floodlight quite often, then you will be replacing the bulbs several times a year; this is not the case when you use LED lights. A typical LED bulb can last for more than 10,000 hours, this is more than ten times the lifespan of the best incandescent bulb, and around six times longer than halogens; so if you use LEDs you may not even need to change bulbs for years.

The only problem that most people have with LED lights is that they are quite expensive as of now. A typical LED bulb costs about four times the price of an equivalent halogen lamp. But if you consider all of the benefits and savings that you can get, it is actually cheaper to use LED floodlights in the long run; the savings themselves will actually allow the lights to pay for themselves.

In Closing

Floodlights are an important component in any nighttime outdoor activity; whether you are hosting a garden party or if you need them to light up a playing field, having a good set of lights is essential. IF you are in the market for a couple of sets that you need for your business, then you should use LED lights instead of the traditional halogen lamps; they are so energy-efficient that they can actually pay for themselves in just a short amount of time in savings. Save your money and planet by using LED lighting. Glow Worm Globes can deliver the LED products all over Australia. Call us today!

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