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LED Articles

  • LED Floodlights

    Consumer Guide for Buying LED Floodlights

    Home owners and businesses are always looking for good affordable lighting solutions that enhance the look of an office or a home. The environment-friendly LED lighting solutions are the perfect answer. They are affordable, consume less energy, last longer, and can be used for multiple...  read more

  • LED Lights Melbourne

    How To Find The Best LED Lights

    Looking for LED lights? Here is a brief content-packed article on how to invest in the right LED lighting solutions in a commercial and/or residential setting. What is the philosophy behind LED lights in Melbourne? The acronym LED stands of light emitting diode which is a solid state...  read more

  • LED Lights Sydney

    3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Lights Today

    In this environmentally conscious age we're all looking for simple, easy ways to be kinder to the earth. Few of us would like to make enormous changes to the way we live our lives, but we're all in favour of making small, easy changes to reduce our energy consumption and emissions. If you find...  read more

  • LED Lights Adelaide

    LED Lights

    Are you looking for LED lights? LED, or light-emitting diode, is a form of lighting which is long-lasting, cost-efficient and energy-saving. Many people have recently used LED to light their homes or offices. Compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights, LED lights are smaller and...  read more

  • LED Lights Brisbane

    Seven Good Reasons For Switching To LED Lights

    Light emitting diodes (LED) lighting is the technology that is transforming the way we illuminate our homes and gardens. If you are still using traditional fluorescent or CFL lighting, you must seriously think about switching to LED lights. Here are seven compelling reasons for you to switch...  read more

  • LED Downlight Globes

    LED Downlight Globes

    In these days when concerns over global warming and rising prices due to inflation have heightened, every household needs to control energy and costs. Your rising electricity bills can put quite a dampener on your monthly expenditure unless you consciously make amends and find alternatives to...  read more

  • LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights: Make The Best Choice

    The increasing popularity of the light-emitting diode has grown at an astonishing rate, since it was first introduced to the market. This has led to the development of even better versions, to meet the increasing demand of more efficient and versatile LED lighting. From the mere purpose of...  read more

  • LED Bulbs

    LED Bulbs Help You Save Money While Helping The Environment

    LED Bulbs are the most environment friendly and energy efficient lighting technology available in the market today. They have very high life and can last upto 50,000 hours which means one LED Bulb can last upto 22 years with an average of 6 hours per day. They do not use mercury and therefore...  read more

  • LED Lights Perth

    LED Lights

    Looking for LED lights? It doesn't matter if you're looking for LED lights for your home or business. Glow Worm Globes offers the best LED lights at the most reasonable prices, not only to help you save your money but your environment as well. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs were originally...  read more

  • LED Downlight Kits

    4 Reasons You Should Switch to LED Downlight Kits Today

    Until just a few years ago the majority of homes were lit exclusively by familiar, traditional incandescent light bulbs. Those hot-to-the-touch orbs cast a warm glow over every room, and while they were enormously wasteful many still feel an affection for them. Even today, when LED downlight...  read more

  • LED Floodlights

    LED Floodlights – The Wise Choice for Outdoor Lighting

    Floodlights have other practical uses besides being used in sporting events and concerts, like if you own an event planning company and you need something to light up the night sky for parties. You can use conventional floodlights that use halogen bulbs, or you can go with LED floodlights...  read more

  • LED Lights Melbourne

    Reasons for the Rising Popularity of LED Lights

    Ever since the incandescent bulb was prohibited from being sold in Australia in 2010, people have been looking for a better, and more energy-efficient replacement, and this is why there is a rising demand for LED lights  and the other big cities. Going green is the norm nowadays, with...  read more

  • LED Lights Sydney

    LED Lights – Should You Make the Switch, Too?

    Back in 2010, incandescent bulbs were completely banned in Australia, mainly because of their inefficiency; and this gave rise to the popularity of the more energy-efficient lighting systems, which led to the sudden increase of demand for LED lights and the other big cities in the country. If...  read more

  • LED Lights Perth

    Why You Should Switch to LED Lights

    It has been a little over three years ever since incandescent bulbs were banned from being sold in Australia which is why people are looking for a good replacement. Nowadays, there is a rising interest in LED lights and in other Australian cities; if you are wondering why this is so, then...  read more

  • LED Lights Adelaide

    Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lights

    There are so many reasons why you should use LED lights, so much that there is only enough room in this article for a couple of them. If you only look at the price tag of LED lights, then you might be a bit hesitant to purchase them, but if you just take a minute of your time to examine the...  read more

  • LED Lights Brisbane

    LED Lights: Making the Best Pick

    It is only to be expected that numerous people are looking for the very best LED lights. After all, Queensland is becoming synonymous with considerable increases in electricity costs. Some experts even claim that the price of power generation will continue to rise at a rate of roughly 20...  read more

  • LED Downlight Globes

    LED Downlight Globes: a Worthy Investment?

    People who are looking for LED downlight globes  usually end up asking a certain question: are such cutting-edge lighting solutions really worth the money? To answer such a query in the most appropriate way, it would be necessary to focus on four important factors: product cost,...  read more

  • LED Downlight Kits

    All about LED Downlight Kits: Facts for First-Time Buyers

    Many of those planning to purchase LED downlight kits  have not spent money on such offerings before. It would even be safe to say that most of them have never shopped for lighting solutions in their lives. With these in mind, it becomes obvious that such people should complete one...  read more

  • LED Bulbs

    Thinking of LED Bulbs: Facts for the Curious Mind

    It cannot be denied that LED bulbs  pique the curiosity of many. It is for this very reason that countless people search the web for information on such impressive lighting solutions. Despite the abundance of details on LEDs, numerous individuals still end up confused. Simply put,...  read more

  • LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights: Pinpointing the Perks

    Countless people who are gathering information on LED strip lights  have one goal in mind: to find out whether such offerings are truly a cut above the rest. Well, it would be safe to say that just by reading this article, such individuals would finally be able to end their quest...  read more

  • LED Bulbs

    LED Bulbs Help the Environment While Offering Convenience and Style

    Using clean energy is one of the easiest ways you can do your part today to help reduce greenhouse gases and ultimately save the planet. By choosing environmentally friendly light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, you can reduce the energy usage of these necessary household items by nearly 80...  read more

  • LED Floodlights

    LED Floodlights Save Money And Are Good For The Environment Too

    Did you know that outdoor LED Floodlights are starting to replace their typical Halogen cousins? The reason for this is that LED floods use up to 90% less electricity, thus saving their users loads of money while at the same time lowering the carbon emissions, which is good for the...  read more

  • LED Lights Sydney

    Using LED Lights Is A Bright Idea

    Most people that have swimming pools have a tendency to avoid using that pool at night. The reason most often given is that lighting for the yard and pool just costs too much. If there was a way to cut your night lighting costs by up to 90%, would you have more after dark pool parties? I just...  read more

  • LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights Are Being Used All Over Australia

    LED Strip Lights have so many uses that they are starting to appear in places all over Australia. You can use LED strip lights 12v or 24v power levels and  they can come in single color or multi-color strips, depending on what use you want to put them to. LED strip lights in...  read more

  • LED Bulbs

    Light Up Your Home With LED Bulbs

    Every since Edison figured out the first small carbonized filament, he started the practical usage of the electricity that could be used as a long-lasting source of light. Something new, that actually started fifty years ago, has been improved. The improvement is LED bulbs. These unique bulbs...  read more

  • LED Light Bulbs

    You Can Save Lots Of Money By Switching To LED Light Bulbs

    If you're trying to save money on your energy and take care of the health of your family, you need to start using LED Light Bulbs. The beauty of LED lights is that they don't use as much electricity as the regular fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs do and they last longer. They don't use...  read more

  • LED Lights in Brisbane

    Lights, Lights!—take Glow Worm Globe’s Word for a Thousand Pounds, and Find Out How to Find the Best Led Lights

    Brisbane is an electric place to live. Along with an active social scene and downtown life, Brisbane is one of those rare places that has all the advantages of a metropolitan locale while still retaining that authentic feel that makes the Australian Bush such a special place.  But whether...  read more

  • LED Lights in Sydney

    Reaching for That Green Light at the End of the Bay—how to Find the Best Led Lights

    Sydney is quite a luminescent place-as one would expect a city on the world stage to be.  From Town Hall to the Opera House to Allianz Stadium and beyond, Sydney, like Paris and Hollywood, is a City of Lights.  With all that demand on the power supply, a clean, efficient and...  read more

  • LED Downlight Kits

    LED Downlight Kits Will Illuminate Your Room Brilliantly

    Lighting is Everything Your room is an important place. Make sure it feels like home rather than a stark cold facility. The best way to do this is through lighting techniques and the use of appropriate bulbs and lamps. Certain bulbs and lamps throw light that is too clear. This type of...  read more

  • 18W LED panel

    The LED Lights You Have Been Looking For

    It is quite common for homes and commercial spaces in Sydney to use 18W LED lighting panel for their lighting needs. This is because such panel lightings provide a better coverage for larger spaces and also help in conserving energy. You will be glad to find that these 18W LED panels would be...  read more

  • LED lights in Melbourne

    Ideal Home Decor With LED Lights

    If you are keen on creating a great interior design for your house, then you will definitely have to pay attention to the lighting options in your house. This is because lighting illuminates your room at all the right places and brings out the best in your house. It would be helping your...  read more

  • LED downlight globes

    Get The Right Kitchen Lighting

    When it comes to lighting, kitchens often get ignored by the homeowners. They pay more attention to illuminating their living rooms and bedrooms. In the end, the kitchen ends up with a couple of lights that are not able to light up the area properly. If you want to follow proper interior...  read more

  • LED Lights in Sydney

    Reasons Why You Must Chose LED Lights

    LED Lights are the future of lighting. They are the next generation of lighting that would be providing a host of benefits to the users. As a number of giant lighting manufacturing companies are showing interest in these lights, the future of these lights is really bright. The sales of these...  read more

  • LED floodlights

    LED Floodlights - A Brief Overview

    LED floodlights have wide range of usage for various purposes, e.g. night lighting, for outer walls of hotels, on plaza etc. LED floodlights can also be used for decoration whether it is outdoor lighting or indoor lighting. The light of the LED floodlight do not restrict its light to only one...  read more

  • LED Lights in Perth

    LED Lights

    Perth is famous for its lighting across the city. The city seems like a queen wearing a diamond set at night. LED lights manufactured in Perth are very famous. LED lights are made up of advanced technologies to meet the needs for commercial and domestic purposes in Perth. In Perth there are...  read more

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